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Are you passionate about cleaning?  Would you like to work with a company that takes pride in what they do?  Would you like to work with positive people that continuously strive to be their best?  If you answered YES to these questions then consider the benefits of working with Clean Home Clear Mind, a small company that genuinely cares about its employees.

We are a fast-paced, hard working, easy to communicate with, fun residential cleaning company that services Brooklyn only communities and always on the look out for exceptional hard working individuals to join us.  House cleaning requires organization, an keen eye for detail and the ability to learn and follow a procedure.  Also, because house cleaning is hard work it requires one to be physically active.  Regardless of how good a cleaner you may think you are now you will be trained to do it professionally in an energetic and efficient manner.  

Positions begin on a part-time basis and may lead a full-time career for the right individuals.  Along the way, we offer a friendly work environment, most transportation between jobs, paid training, paid sick days, paid personal days, paid vacation days and bonus incentives.   To be considered all applicants are required to complete our pre-employment questionnaire in its entirely.
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  1.  Physical activity and exercise
  3.  Flexible work schedule and hours
  2.  Working in a team environment
  4.  Helping keep clients home clean
  5.  Getting along with fellow workers
  6.  Recognition for good job performance
  7.  Opportunity to earn bonuses or awards
  8.  Opportunity to become a team leader
To what extent would the following job characteristics be appealing to you. (on a scale of 1-5 with 5 being the most appealing)
  Please indicate the correct answer for the following questions by selecting  YES or  NO 
   9.  Are you presently working part-time either independently or with another house cleaning company?    
17.  Would you have any difficulty or experience any discomfort standing, bending or kneeling while cleaning? 
10.  Do you have a mobile device with reliable cell phone service?
11.  Do you access 24-hour access to fast and reliable internet service? 
12.  Are you able to speak, read and write the English language?
13.  Do you speak any other languages fluently?
14.  Are you able to comfortably lift to to 30 pounds?
15.  Do you have any allergies to dust, dust mites, mold or pet dander?
16.  Do you have any fear of or working in the presence of cats or dogs?
19.  Do you have any paid experience as a residential house cleaner?
18.  Do you have you any commitments or responsibilities that would hinder meeting work attendance requirements?
20.  Do you have any technical training or HCT certification in the field of residential house cleaning?  
21.  Do you feel you would be able to carry out all necessary cleaning duties and perform them in a safe manner?
22.  Are you available to work on Saturdays and/or Sundays if needed?
23.  Do you consider yourself to be a team player?
26.  Are you able to begin work as early as 8:00 AM if needed?
25.  Are you familiar with the different neighborhoods located throughout the borough of Brooklyn?
24.  Are you familiar with the NYC subway system?
The following questions will give us a better sense of how well you would fit into our organization.  Answer to the best of your ability.
27.  What do you like most about house cleaning?
28.  What do you dislike most about house cleaning?
29.  How do you feel about constructive criticism?
30.  How would you describe your work ethic?
31.  What are the most overlooked areas people miss when cleaning? 
32.  How do you feel about the phrase "the customer is always right"?  
33.  If you knew you were going to be late arriving to work what would you do?
34.  How do you feel about texting and talking on a cell phone in the work place?
35.  How would you define the term "Green Cleaning" and what does it mean to you?
36.  If asked to re-clean areas previously cleaned by you, how would you handle the situation?
37.  Please tell us a little about yourself and why you feel you would be ideal to work with and represent Clean Home Clear Mind.
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