When a home is not cleaned on a regular basis, the task becomes overwhelming. In addition to possible ills to our physical health, an unclean home can bring about psychological stress; both of which can age us rapidly. Before we can commence a schedule of routine cleaning visits we must first remove the old grease, grime and dirt ingrained in the surface areas of your home.  If not, you will never experience a fresh clean and dirt will continue to be trapped inside your home.   


This cleaning consists of a complete deep cleaning of your home, which each and every home, regardless of how clean it may be must receive.  Doing so ensures that each surface is clean and routine ready which is why it is not unusual for our team of professionals to spend 5-8 times longer cleaning your home than it would normally take on a routine visit.  In fact, it is not unusual for us to spend as much time cleaning a kitchen or bathroom on our first visit as it takes cleaning the entire home on follow-up visits.  This is because we include add-on services not routinely done, which are essential not just for a clean home, but a healthy clean home.  This thorough cleaning involves washing, scrubbing, dusting, polishing, vacuuming, and mopping and takes our competent team of professional cleaners 5-7 hours depending on the condition and size of your home as well as the number of rooms to be cleaned.  In the end, you'll love this treatment as will your home which will be left immaculate! 

In addition to our checklist the supreme clean includes the following: 
Baseboards and window sills washed   
Ceiling fans including fixture and blades damp wiped  
Door facings, door frames and tops of doors washed   
Clean light fixtures and bulbs (when accessible)   
Light switch plates washed  
Lower interior windows and window tracks washed  
Outside surfaces of kitchen and bathroom cabinets washed  
Window and glass sliding doors cleaned and shined  
Vacuum and wash all heating and air conditioning vents
Vacuum all carpet and floor edges with crevice tool  
Vacuum and/or mop beneath and behind beds and furniture 


When a home is cleaned on a regular basis you can see and feel the difference. Therefore, maintaining the cleanliness of your living space on a regular basis after a supreme clean is the perfect way to preserve a peaceful environment for your mind, body and spirit.  And because everyone needs a little help every now and then we offer a number of different cleaning schedules including weekly, biweekly and every 4th week or monthly.  Once you are on our calendar we are required to have access to your home on the day and time it is scheduled to be cleaned. This includes being home to let us in, or us having a set of keys to enter your home on our own when we arrive.

Moving into a newly purchased home or rented apartment can be stressful enough without having to worry about knowing if it was cleaned first and if so, in a manner that meets your standards. Not to worry because Clean Home Clear Mind's extremely thorough top to bottom cleaning is designed to prepare an apartment for the new tenant or homeowner. Due to many months and sometimes years of dust and grime that has built up, it requires a deep clean with lots of scrubbing.  This service lets you concentrate on unpacking your personal belongings while you settle in and remove the worry of “if” your new home is clean and healthy. All tools and cleaning products must be available and in the home when we arrive.

Special attention given during your move-in cleaning:
Clean inside refrigerator/freezer - get back, sides and floor if accessible
Clean inside oven/broiler - get back, sides and floor if accessible
Clean kitchen cabinet and drawer interiors  
Clean bathroom vanity, drawer and medicine cabinet interiors   
Clean and de-bug all ceiling and wall light fixtures including bulbs 
Clean ceiling fan motor housing and all blades - top, bottom and sides 
Clean door frames, baseboards, and window sills 
Clean wall molding and cornices above windows
Clean heating and air conditioning vents
Remove all cobwebs and spot clean walls as needed

Selling yourself short?  Your time is extremely valuable and whether you realize it or not, much less costly then if you hire a professional cleaning service to clean your home rather then deal with the hassle of cleaning it yourself.  Honestly, do you really want to spend 8-12 hours a day working, whether it be at the office or at home taking care of the children, and then struggle to find the time and energy to cleaning toilets, dusting, vacuuming rugs, or mopping floors? We think maybe not.

When you hire Clean Home Clear Mind to clean your home we approach these tasks and get them done for you quickly and in the most meticulous and efficient manner.  Our cleaning professionals are highly trained in all the aspects of cleaning and thus, perfectly knowledgeable and proficient on how to execute proper and effective cleaning.  They are highly efficient so their time in your home will be highly productive.  You can be sure to always come home to a clean place, which can make your life much more enjoyable and your home more relaxing and aesthetically pleasing.     

In the end, when you get home your time is your's so you get to enjoy more family and leisure activities together.  It's money that will be well spent not only to have a home clear of cobwebs, but for your mind too. Nothing beats stepping into a clean home or apartment after a long day of work.  Welcome back into your clean healthy home. Take a deep breath and relax ... your mind and body.

For an additional charge we offer a number of customized services to all first time and routine cleaning visits.  These services require a 72 hour advance notice for routine cleaning schedules and may include one or more of the following:

Clean interior refrigerator and/or freezer
Clean interior oven and/or broiler (no self-cleaning ovens)
Clean under stove top and degrease range hood
Wash interior kitchen trash and recyclable bins
Clean ceiling fan motor housing and all blades - top, bottom and sides
Degrease and clean kitchen cabinet and drawer surfaces including interior 
Remove items from kitchen cabinet and drawers, clean and replace items
Hand wash soiled glasses, cups, dishes or flatware in sink - no pots or pans!
Remove all books and items from shelf, clean and replace books and items
Strip bed and change linens, fluff pillows and spray with linen spray
Remove floor items from inside closet, vacuum an/or mop and replace items
Remove fireplace ash (must have an ash vacuum for this)
Hand wash plastic or vinyl shower curtain or liner