Routine Cleaning Services Include:


Baseboards dusted 
Carpets and rugs vacuumed 
Cobwebs removed
Dust and hand wipe furniture tops
Fingerprints and smudges removed from door frames   
Floors vacuumed and/or mopped
One sliding glass door spot cleaned
Pictures dusted
Switch plates and door knobs
Trash emptied and liner/bag replaced
Window sills dusted or wet wiped


Coffee maker emptied
Back splash and counter tops 
Cabinet fronts spot cleaned
Clean microwave inside/out
Range hood and stove top
Refrigerator, oven and dishwasher exteriors 
Sink area scrubbed and faucets cleaned and shined
Table and chairs wiped down
Toaster cleaned and decrumbed
Take out trash and recyclables
**  Please do not leave soiled dishes in the sink


Counter tops 
Handshake small bathroom rugs
Light fixtues dusted
Mirror and tile ledges 
Sink and tub scrubbed and towel dried
Tile behind tub scrubbed clean and towel dried
Toilet bowl scrubbed - seat, lid, tank top and around base 
Towels neatly folded and hung


Chairs spot cleaned
Dining room table dusted or wiped
Dining room table will be vacuumed underneath
Lamps and lamp shades dusted


Beds made (linens changed by special request)
Furniture dusted
Lamps and lamp shades dusted


Furniture dusted or wet wiped
Lamps and lamp shades dusted
Light tidy-up while cleaning
Shelves dusted or wet wiped
TV unit and audio equipment dusted 
Wall art dusted 
Vacuum beneath sofa cushions, alternate and fluff 
Vacuum rugs/carpet and/or mop floors 
Wall hangings dusted

The quality of the air in our homes can sometimes produce adverse health effects.  For some, it may be an occasional headache, dizziness, or nausea and fatigue. Studies have shown that exposure to traditional cleaning products can increase the level of indoor pollutants up to 100 times greater than outdoor levels.  In fact, some cleaning products are among the most toxic products found in the home.  Our children and pets come in contact with many of these harmful cleaning products, more than adults since they are primarily used on floors, bathrooms and kitchens.  And since it's their natural instinct to lick things and they are little in size and closer to the ground, children and pets have the greatest level of exposure to these toxins left behind.  Eliminating these harmful chemicals is a healthier option for your family so let Clean Home Clear Mind help by using environmentally safe and friendly cleaning products that are better for your health and safe to use around your children and pets.  Let's face it, we can't protect our kids from all the evil in the world, but we can limit their exposure to harmful chemicals.
At Clean Home Clear Mind we recommend a number of high end natural and eco-friendly cleaning brands such as Ecover, Mrs. Meyers and Seventh Generation. Our cleaners are trained to know the right product to use on each surface area thus making a big difference when it comes to how your valuable home furnishings are cleaned. Green cleaning products that are tough on dirt yet safe for the entire family.  You should never have to choose between your family's health and the well being of the earth.  And this includes pets, your loved and cherished extended members of the family!
Please make sure you have replacement vacuum bags, trash and recycling bags

BATHROOMS:  We clean interior surface of plastic shower curtain or liner on the initial deep clean.  Any request to clean after is considered a special request and subject to an additional charge.  We recommend cleaning it in your washing machine to remove any dirt or mildew rather than it be thrown away. ALL ROOMS: Cleaning window blinds takes a considerable length of time to because dust that settles on them is fine and gritty and tends to stick to the surface. For this reason we do not clean them and recommend they be cleaned professionally.  However, blinds that have been professionally cleaned or newly installed within the past 2 weeks will include a light general dusting for weekly and bi-weekly cleaning schedules on an alternating basis. KITCHEN: Soiled cups, glasses, dishes or flatware left in other rooms, or sink will be placed in the dishwasher provided it can be loaded properly.  If you do not have a dishwasher, or it is full of either clean or soiled dishes, they will placed back in sink after cleaning it.  ALL ROOMS: To prevent any discoloring or streaking we do not use cleaning products to clean walls.. We dust walls on the initial deep clean and occasionally thereafter only when necessary.  

Please allow for some dust resettlement after we have completed cleaning your home, especially on the initial deep supreme clean.  We make every attempt to limit the amount of dust in the air but unfortunately, it is not entirely preventible.