Services by Special Request

For an additional charge of $49.00 per hour, Clean Home Clear Mind offers a number of customized services to all supreme and routine cleaning visits. Advance reservation requires 72 hour minimum notice and may be limited during peak holidays due to demand.  Services may include any one or more     of the following:

*   Clean interior refrigerator and/or freezer
*   Clean interior oven and/or broiler (no self-cleaning ovens)
*   Clean under stove top and/or de-grease range hood
*   Clean gas stove burner grates of hard grease and grime 
*   Wash interior kitchen trash and recyclable bins
*   Clean ceiling fan motor housing and all blades - top, bottom and sides
*   De-grease and clean kitchen cabinet and drawer surfaces including interior 
*   Remove items from kitchen cabinet and drawers, clean and replace items
*   Remove all books and items from shelve, clean and replace books and items
*   Strip bed and change linens, fluff pillows and spray with linen spray
*   Remove floor items from inside closet, vacuum and/or mop and replace items
*   Remove fireplace ash (must have an ash vacuum for this)
*   Hand wash plastic or vinyl shower curtain or liner